Ok, so I was wrong about the media attention

Apparently the pellet gun shots at the school bus didn’t gather the attention I thought it would. And Vincent Orange attended Marion Berry’s State Ward 8 speech last night in Ward 8, so I lose my $5 on that bet.

However, it appears that the media has already turned it’s focus to the story that a 7 year old girl accidentally took her mother’s (illegal) handgun to school on 1st St NE yesterday. Yesterday was not a good day for school kids around North Capitol Street. It’s shameful that the mother would be so careless with a handgun with such a young child around. Seriously shameful. As in, no excuses, terrible parenting, you should be severely punished.

So anyways, I guess my point is it’s not a good time to be a elementary school kid around North Cap. This made me realize it’s going to be a loooooonnngg time before I’d be excited about sending my child to a public school around here.