More talkin’ smack about 1617 NJ Ave NW

Okay it has been about 40 days since 1617 New Jersey came on the market and it still hasn’t sold (as far as I know) and last night I heard some power tool noise coming from the place a little after 7pm. Keeping in mind the listing says:

Newly renovated, finishing touches being completed (will be completed prior to settlement).

It looks like it will still be a while before the contractor is done with the finishing touches. I’ve noticed (based on the noise factor & the sight of his dog on the deck) he does a little bit of work, here and there but nothing sounds as if he’s picked up the pace. It seems that we’ll be fully in a buyer’s market before he’s done.

One thought on “More talkin’ smack about 1617 NJ Ave NW”

  1. Same thing is going on here on the Unit block of N St NW. TWO houses are for sale and I have seen very little buyer traffic. Maybe 3 people a day the first weekend but now only one person every other day. Both buildings are completely unrenovated and claim to have on the order of 3 or 4 bedrooms. That means a snug 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom unrenovated rowhouse just two blocks from the SOME kitchen. Anyways, I know their asking 560K for one which seems astounding.

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