Catania Bakery

Okay there was some discussion on the Truxton Circle discussion board about the Catania Bakery at 1404 North Capitol. It has been in existence for 70-80 years but the exterior never really said “come, buy baked goods here”. So after someone pointed out what the secret was to buying baked goods was (early in the morning) I decided to venture over this morning.
I got 6 croissants . Six of the freshest tasting croissants I’ve ever had (no I did not eat them all, just 2). They were eighty something cents a piece. This makes up for the worst ever croissants I had at Dunkin Donuts on Rhode Island (it was just a hard roll shaped like a croissants ). Yummy, yummy.
I asked the French woman at the counter about the hours. They are open for retail on Saturdays from 6:30AM till around noon. They might be open for retail Tuesdays thru Fridays at that same time, but there isn’t a person available to do the counter, so maybe not. But Saturdays most definitely. They could try to accommodate an order if you call them. I found their number on the web at (202) 332-5135.

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  1. dang! I didn’t see any croissants! They must have made them later. I won’t go TOO early nextime.

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