Gardening March 2006

I have pea-envy.
B.& IT showed me their pea seedings growing on their window sill and they are lovely. Me? I don’t have as many seedlings going and my peas are small and tiny. Now I know that peas are not a plant you’re supposed to transplant. I know I’m supposed to directly sow them into the ground. But we transplanted pea seelings into the ground last year and they turned out fine. I put a few seedlings in pots yesterday, as well as some pea seeds.
I’ve got a number of seedlings and things going on. Outside in the backyard I planted some onion, shallot and spinach seeds. Also in the backyard I have a few plants that survived the winter quite nicely. The pansies in the hanging basket and one of the pots are flowering with purple and very edible flowers. The winter thyme is doing well but the French thyme, not so hot, I’m going to have to cut back the dead looking parts. The daylilies seem to be doing well, but I need to transplant them into a bigger pot, as will I need to do the same with the rosemary. Inside I have a large pot I’m going salad greens. I plan to put it outside once the temperatures get stable.
I’m waiting for the last frost (need to look that up) before I put a lot of stuff back outside. I have a small scraggly basil plant that would die in a frost. There are also the laurel bays that I’m keeping inside. And of course the many seedlings.
I haven’t done a thing with the front, except sow some peas. The blueberry bushes, or sticks, as they look less like bushes and more like sticks, are begining to bud. I want to tear up the front yard. Get rid of all the non-edibles and the weeds. Maybe replant with chard and squash and more veggies. Or just let the peppermint take over the whole yard.