Ok, so I was wrong about the media attention

Apparently the pellet gun shots at the school bus didn’t gather the attention I thought it would. And Vincent Orange attended Marion Berry’s State Ward 8 speech last night in Ward 8, so I lose my $5 on that bet.

However, it appears that the media has already turned it’s focus to the story that a 7 year old girl accidentally took her mother’s (illegal) handgun to school on 1st St NE yesterday. Yesterday was not a good day for school kids around North Capitol Street. It’s shameful that the mother would be so careless with a handgun with such a young child around. Seriously shameful. As in, no excuses, terrible parenting, you should be severely punished.

So anyways, I guess my point is it’s not a good time to be a elementary school kid around North Cap. This made me realize it’s going to be a loooooonnngg time before I’d be excited about sending my child to a public school around here.

3 thoughts on “Ok, so I was wrong about the media attention”

  1. Where I grew up kids brought guns to school all the time, but had the courtesy to leave the weapons in the gun rack in the cab of their pickup truck out in the parking lot.

  2. Has it ever been a good time to be an elementary school kid around North Cap?

    Just from the looks of them, sometimes its hard to tell if I’m looking at a condemned building or not when I walk by with the dog.

    I don’t have kids (at least not yet) and my knowledge of their programs is limited to what I hear in the media, but solely from the outside its just depressing.

  3. I, too, grew up in the land of gun racks. There’s a bit more respect for guns in those areas I think. Plus, I’m fine with hunter-on-hunter violence in remote areas. If you want to get wasted while hunting and accidentally shoot your uncle (or a wealthy political donor)… that’s between the two of you.

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