A big whoot for Francine Edmonds

Passed along from Jim who got it from Edmonds the Ward 5 Neighborhood Services Coordinator, which apparently is part of the Mayor’s office. Many neighbors have sung her praise before. Yet the thing is you got to go through the usual methods of trying to deal with whatever problem you have before calling on the miracle worker.

23 BATES ST NW (Another successful ending)
23 Bates St NW has been a suspected squatter’s location and illegal rooming house for a few years. There have been numerous complaints originating from neighbors, the mayor’s call center and the councilmember’s office regarding noise control, alleged drug use and prostitution. Self-proclaimed owner Mr. Terrence Proctor (Mr. Bishop) stated he was a legal tenant because he was in the process of purchasing the house from Bank of America, who is the legal owner of the house according to the deed. Bank of America has no record of Mr. Proctor or anyone else trying to acquire this property through any means. The property had been visited frequently by MPD and had become a well-known nuisance to those in the area.

On 12-15-05 the property was visited by MPD, DCRA, FIRE/EMS and ONS in response to the mounting complaints of illegal activity. Upon entering the property, with the permission of the so-called owner, there were 11 people present, 5 of whom said they lived there and the remaining 6 who said to be visiting. Those 5 (five) people claimed that they were paying rent to Mr. Proctor for living there and 1 (one) person provided a receipt for payment in the amount of $500.00, but with no name as to whom payment was made to.

It was discovered that WASA had turned off all utilities at a previous time, but were somehow reconnected illegally at the time of our visit on 12-15-05. A generator in the rear of the property was being used for electricity and had been the source of noise complaints from neighbors.

FIRE/EMS inspected and cited the property for the following violations: Exposed wiring in walls and ceiling throughout (Fire Code IFC 110.1, 605.1);Electrical Breaker panel door missing in the living room (Fire code IFC 605.1); No working smoke detectors visible throughout (Fire code IFC 9072.623; Breach in floor inside storage room on 1st floor (Fire code IFC 7041); Doubled keyed lock on rear door to outside (Fire code IFC 1003.1.8); Unsafe storage of combustibles throughout (Fire code IFC 304.2); Obtaining electricity through an illegal wire tap (Fire code IFC 110.1, 605.1); No fire extinguishers throughout (Fire code IFC 906.1); No C of O or license for a rooming house posted (Fire code IFC 105.1.1); Obstructed egress in rear with combustibles (Fire code IFC 1011.3); Breach in ceiling and walls throughout (Fire code IFC 704.1); Smoke detector not installed as to code (Fire code IFC 907.2.10.3). DCRA code violations was

On 12-16-05 an emergency protocol was called into effect to move the squatters of 23 Bates Street NW out by DCRA Theresa Lewis, after she met with DCRA Inspector Phillip Miller, DCRA Carol Washington and ONS to discuss the facts surrounding the case. At this time there were no utilities in the household and it was deemed uninhabitable. The residents whom could provide identification and said to be paying Mr. Proctor rent would be moved to the President’s Inn pending further investigations, while the others present would be sent to a homeless shelter. This final decision came about after a conference call outside of the property that included: DOH , OAG, ONS, DHS, DCRA, and Fire.

MPD, DCRA, FIRE/EMS and ONS once again entered the property on 12-16-05 and proceeded to inform the people inside that this property would be closed and boarded and that some would be going to a hotel while others would be going the homeless shelter. DC Humane Society/Animal Control was present and removed two dogs from the premises. Eight (4) residents provided identification and also stated they were paying Mr. Proctor (Bishop) rent was housed at the President’s Inn included four individuals who said they were paying rent to Mr. Proctor in amounts varied from $500.00/mo; $150/week; $125.00/week was housed at the Presidential Inn. The other 8 people present at the house, some who just walked away and at least 3 whom were directed to the Homeless Shelter.

Mr. Mike Robles from Bank of America made contact on 12-17-05 and stated they never received notices regarding any issues at the property. All notices and liens were being sent to the Bates St address which was on file with the Recorder of Deeds. Mr. Robles wants to cooperate fully with the District and to abate any housing code or other violations. Says that no one should be in the property and they never gave Mr. Bishop or any one else authority to lease or otherwise use the property. BOA is willing to sign a barring notice to that effect. BOA has also hired First Preston Company to secure and rehab the property. He will put them in touch with my office.

My commentary:
$500 a month! You could have fewer roommates at $500 a month. Living in a crowded condition with jerry rigged utilities, no. I swear the poor spend as much as the lower middle class in some cases! But worse, the quality is horribly substandard. My old roommate lives in a group house, with free internet and utilities included and pays less than $500.
Also President’s Inn. Out of frying pan…. I’m not going to even say what auntie says about that place. But it’s something, and I gather that’s better than nothing.

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