Globalization and gentrification

to the bastard who woke me up at 2am with the bass from your car… I hate you…
Just getting into Tim Bulter’s London Calling: The Middle Classes and the Re-making of Inner London and he seems to say globalization plays a part in gentrification. I’m just in the introduction and so this theory has not been explained well. There are a couple of other things he writes that are interesting and I can’t wait to get to them in the book, like when he says that gentrification is a middle class coping mechanicism. Then there are a few things that I think the author is dead wrong on. To me the middle class has ALWAYS been kinda psycho about their stability, it is not a new thing as Bulter seems to suggest. I got some dead Victorians I can dig up to prove this point.
Bulter’s book is the first time I’ve seen anyone link up gentrification with globalization. I’m sure he’s not the first but I don’t remember seeing such connections in stateside writings on the subject.