Happy Festivus

I would have held some festivus gathering but a lot of folks have cleared out of town for Christmas. That’s a problem with being a city like ours, so many people are from somewhere else that Christmas is celebrated elsewhere.
Anyway, Festivus.
For dinner I’ll be having either the salad mix I bought from the Dupont Circle farmer’s market last week, or pasta salad or something from Thai X-ing because I love curry.
No festivus pole.
Ah, the Airing of Grievances:
My neighbors who have friends who come by after midnight on a school night honking their horns instead of getting their butts out of the car and knocking on the door, get new friends.
Dear lovely people of Dunkin Donuts, how hard is it to have glazed doughnuts after 5pm? You’ve got 5 more hours to go before closing.
Corbit (the boxer dog) stop being crazy, you know it’s me, stop barking at me.
People of Square 507, stop stealing the neighborhood cats. The cats don’t even want to hang out on my block anymore.
For the Feats of Strength, I challenge Jimbo, who having way more muscle mass than little old me, oh, this will take all of 1 second.