Thai X-ing 2

I wandered in yesterday to inform the owner, Taw, that the apparently Thai X-ing’s only on-line menu is going to go bye-bye fairly soon because I’m switching servers. The menu sits on a different server than the blog and I do get a few hits from folks looking for his menu.
It was a bit of a surprise to see that Taw has hired a guy. My earlier ventures into Thai X-ing were a Taw one man show. I blamed the solo job on the slowness of the food creation. It may have had something to do with it. But last night, there was a blue eyed assistant in the kitchen and behind the cash register helping out. I ordered and wandered out to drop my stuff back at the house. I came back with a book in tow and didn’t have to wait terribly long for my order.
Taw remarked that the neighborhood is growing and that he gets a lot of orders from my street. Well Thai X-ing was a topic of conservation at the Christmas party held by our neighbors K&J. The secret I was told, is that when you call up to order and you are told that it will be ready at say 6:00, 6:00 is when you leave the house to pick it up. And if you are in a hurry, don’t bother. Go-go rush-rush crackberry addicted patrons will just find it frustrating. Anyway, we all had a Thai X-ing story.
At some point I will update the menu as it has changed slightly. For one, the salmon red curry is $10 something, not $8 something. Also his hours have changed. Instead of being open for lunch and dinner, he’s just open for dinner. I guess there wasn’t a big enough lunch crowd in the hood to keep it open in the day.

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  1. Also, he is closed on Mondays. I called Monday to order and he answered after many rings but told me he was closed. I like Taw a lot, and his speed (or the restaurant’s speed) has increased considerably in my experience. The food rivals any Thai food in the city–the thing that stands out with this food is the freshness of the ingredients.


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