End of tomato season

Well the last cold snap did it in for the tomato plants so I’ve had to cut them down. But the plants still had tomatoes on them, some of them a bit red, the rest very, very green. At the end of the day I had two bags of tomatoes. I gave 1 bag of them away. The other bag I brought into the house and put the green ones in the window sill for ripening. All in all I have 39 tomatoes sunning in my windows. That’s a lotta tomatoes.
I also began cleaning up the patio. I pulled out sensitive plants killed by the cold, happy that I was able to put some impatien flowers in a salad a few days before the snap. I chopped up some of the tomato vines and threw their remains in the composter. The soil from dead plants were put into big thick contractor bags so I can use it next year. Right now the backyard garden has been reduced to a rosemary plant, alpine strawberry, arugula, thyme, pot marigolds, pansies, 1 lone spinach plant and some scrawny cilantro. The basil also was a causality of the cold snap. However I have a small plant that barely escaped turning brown and brought it inside.
Other plants like the dill weed and the passion flower vine, just keep going. I think they will perish when it snows.