Google map + Craigslist(Wash,DC)= Finding a place easier

Math was not my strong suit.
But I just discovered Housing Maps a Google Map/ Craigslist mashup. Someone is renting a room at 3rd and Florida for $590 a month.

What I’d like to see is a DC Crime Reports/ Google map mashup. If my puny little brain could figure out Google maps I would try.

4 thoughts on “Google map + Craigslist(Wash,DC)= Finding a place easier”

  1. Mari,
    That is a useful feature! I wish it was sync’d with the Washington City Paper ads or Craigslist ads. I used to look for roommates every year in August and I found those two the best in terms of responses. Some other websites like were good but the responses were always out of town people. “You’re in Northwest, right? I was told to stay in Northwest.” Another response resulted in a guy who could best be described as a boy with a mother who was dismayed that everyone had bars on the windows! After five minutes of criticism from her, I told her that if she was that concerned for her son, she should stay in Virginia.

  2. Off topic, but did you happen to see the story in the Metro Section Sunday about Ben’s Chili Bowl? Or, the other side of rising real estate values: the assessment for taxes goes from about 500K to 1.1 cool million. They will have to sell a lot more hot dogs.

    Gabi in NE

  3. I don’t believe MPD releases crime data in an easily-parseable format like CPD does via Citizen ICAM in Chicago, so doing a DC Crime + Google Maps thing would be a lot harder. You can still get updates on your precinct via, though, and maybe if enough people ask MPD for an ICAM-like feed (contact info for the relevant person is on that CrimeReports page), a Google Map tie-in would become possible.

    (We do have gas price and sex offender mapping here, though.)

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