Leaf Pickup

Via Jim

Leaves from our trees will be picked up by the city this year from November 7 to 19, 2005 and from December 5 to 17, 2005. During the first collection period, your leaves must be raked out by November 6, 2005 and by December 4, 2005 for the second opportunity.

The three options for collection are as follows:

1) Rake loose leaves into piles in your curbside treebox space. They will be collected with a vacuum truck;
2) Place bagged leaves in your curbside treebox space and they will be collected by a packer truck; or
3) If you have alley trash collection, you may place bagged leaves where you put your trash. Those leaves will be collected with the trash.

Please not that the above options are only available to us during the time-frames specified above.


Jim Berry