Halloween III: Death & Candy

Kids came early. I saw bands of kids as I headed home around 5:30. I didn’t have time to change because the kids across the street hit me as soon as I got to the door demanding candy. Aggressive little men they were. And they came back again with some of their little cousins when they discovered I added Reeses to the bowl. “Hey why didn’t we get a Reeses! I want a Reeses!” There were more kids who tried this year. Someone did get into their mother’s make-up and came as “Indians” in regular street wear. I don’t ask that the costume be good, just that the kid tries.
There were moments when the one candy rule went out the window, when they came in droves. At a few moments the kids just kept coming and coming non stop. Gangs of kids, some in costume, some not, all ready to knock you down for candy.
In all it was a good holiday.
The death, by the way, was that of a crossiant eating peanut butter phobic mouse who invaded my house this week. Caught him in a glue trap I did. The trick with the glue trap is that you have to tape it down so the mouse can’t wiggle out and off of it.

4 thoughts on “Halloween III: Death & Candy”

  1. Dang, I guess we missed most of the kids. We had a vet appt. at 6:20, so we were gone from 6-7. When we got back we only had 2 kids come by, and one wasn’t even dressed up. So now we’ve got a whole bowl of candy left over, so we brought it into work. Does candy keep for a year? Oh, and Cindy (crackho) was especially lively last night….

  2. Why do they have to be “gangs” of kids?

    I love the glue trap. I sprinkle dried fish on it. The glue trap is the only trap that’s ever worked for me.

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