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If I didn’t put my notes about the BACA meeting somewhere under a pile of something I would write about that, but alas, no. Instead I write about watching TV.
Nora Bombay called me up and told me to turn the TV to Fox, which was showing the new CSI-Crossing Jordan clone, Bones. Which takes place in DC. Vancouver, DC. One should make bad fake DC shows a drinking game. I suggest diet coke. The fake location shots were bad, laughably bad. We decided that the following show, House, looked more like DC. House had more minorities. DC is sixty-some odd percent black, gives one to reason that there’d be black people in the scene somewhere, speaking or in the background. I’m not even going to go into the fake Arlington, or bad National Mall. I apparently missed the imaginary bridge that goes directly from National Airport in Arlington, VA to SW DC.
Please cheap TV producers if you want to give a DC feel, shoot in DC. Short of that come to the city, get some stock footage, a good editor, and do a lot of close ups. I like NCIS, they seem to do NoVA ok and I have no clue where they shoot.

3 thoughts on “TV: Bones”

  1. Fox’s Prisonbreak has been using lots of shots of Secret Service HQ. I don’t know where that actually is, but I suspect it’s not in the FBI building, which is what they show.

    The X-Files was a serial offender in this way, too, if I remember correctly.

  2. The only thing that would have made it “better” would be the famous Georgetown Metro stop.

    I’m not asking perfect authenticity.

    But dude, this was embarassingly awful.

  3. I watched them film a high speed scene on Logan Circle (right in front of my condo). It appeared in the second episode.. It was only a quick glimpse.. as the vehicle sped up 14th street, into Logan Circle (heading North), and then crossed an intersection (not sure where) that included the Capitol in the distance on the street perpendicular to the vehicle.

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