BACA meeting pt1

I’m only covering 2 things here Flower Power & Joe Mamo.
Awards for the BACA Flower Power were passed out at the meeting yesterday night by Mary Ann Wilmner and a DC official (parks or public works, I don’t remember) anyways the winners are as follows:

Front yard
1603 New Jersey Avenue 1st place
1517 First Street 2nd place/tie
210 R Street 2nd place/tie
144 Bates Street 2nd place/tie
Back Yard
408 Richardson Place 1st place
1616 4th Street 2nd place
1722 4th Street 3rd place
Entire Block
Richardson Place 1st place
1500 Block First Street 2nd place/tie
1600 Block 4th Street 2nd place/tie

Second thing, Joe Mamo, whose name makes me want to go into a slew of ‘yo mama’ jokes. A while back Mr. Mamo went to various civic meetings and the 5C ANC meetings all to get community support so he could get variances to get a condo built on the corner of North Cap and Florida. Well Art Slater went to a community meeting over in the Ft. Lincoln neighborhood and found out that Mr. Mamo had a gas station there. The Ft. Lincoln community asked that he not put a check cashing place where the gas station once stood. But lo and behold. There is a Check and Go there. So it makes one wonder if Mr. Mamo is a man of his word.

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