Why did the chicken cross the road?

This is totally an Eckington thing but reported in the District section of today’s Post in the “Animal Watch” section is the strange case of a little red hen attempting to cross the road at North Capitol and S Street, NE.
The blurb does not even attempt to answer the age old question of WHY? Why did the chicken cross the road, or attempt to cross the road? I suspect a coverup because she was captured by an animal control officer, holed up in the District’s animal shelter then later whisked away to an unnamed poultry rescue group.
Then there is another question, why are there chickens in the District? It is against the law to have chickens. It’s also against the law to have handguns but apparently that doesn’t stop some people.
Well I guess we’ll never know what over at S & North Cap made the chicken want to cross the road. Or even how many roads did she cross before her final capture.