Gang recruitment?

Okay kids, don’t hang out in front of my house, late at night, talking loud, ’cause I’ll write about you.
One of the neighborhood teenage kids was hanging out last night (within curfew) with two of his school associates out on the sidewalk. Maybe the nature of their discussions was the reason why they weren’t in front of neighborhood kid’s (NK) house.
From what I could make out (ah the joy of a house with no insulation) was NK’s friends was trying to convince him that he should join up with them for his own protection against other gangs of kids who would jump him. NK was evasive and confident that he could handle his own.
The funny thing is these kids no older than 16 were calling each other ‘son’. I realize that ‘son’ is a form of address used by popular rap artists. But really, what are you? 15? 14? Calling someone son? Well it is at least better than the ‘N’ word. But they were using a lot of that too.
Anyway, I digress. NK’s mom has stepped in before to shoo gang recruiters, like the kids hanging out, away. I think, observing NK, that she has possibly instilled in him a good reason to rebuff his little gang friends.

Small business workshop

Shaw Main Streets, in conjunction with Georgetown University Law Center’s Harrison Institute for Public Law, will present the fourth in a series of Small Business Development Workshops on 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM to 8:30 PM, beginning on October 4, 2005 at the Kennedy Recreation Center, 1401 7th Street, NW.
Topics covered will include:
* Developing Your Business Plan
* What Type of Business Entity to Form
* Getting Capital
* Finding, Leasing, and Buying Space
* Hiring Employees
* Permits, Licenses, Insurance, and Taxes
* Basic Accounting
* Marketing
Two graduates from the class held this spring have already opened new businesses. Perhaps you’ll be the workshop’s next success story. There is no charge to enroll in the class. A $25 materials charged will be collected upon acceptance into the program. Similar classes cost $250 or more. Advance registration is required.
Enrollment is limited, so register today! Attendance is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.
For more information or to register, call Shaw Main Streets at 202-265-SHAW or email


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