Possible condos to go @ FL & NoCap

Over on the Eckington listserv some notes/minutes from the ANC meeting were posted. According to the notes the owner of the vacant lot at Florida Ave and North Capitol NW would like to build a 80-90 unit condo on that space. The proposed building would be about 90 feet high, with parking underground and 8 floors above ground. There would be retail space, but not enough for a supermarket. Someone representing Soul Day Spa was requesting a covenant for 6-12 parking spots from the owner of the lot as well as a request not to bring in competition. As far as I could tell, no support was given or denied (Jim Berry exercising caution)regarding the zoning changes needed for such a project.
Well if things go the way the owner would like, the areas of Bloomingdale (Eckington) and Truxton (SoFL) will get the density needed to bring in some of the businesses desired by residents. Oh and traffic, density will bring traffic.

4 thoughts on “Possible condos to go @ FL & NoCap”

  1. Very interesting. I always wondered how long that lot would remain vacant. I always figured it was city property, though. Do you know who the current owners are?

  2. the lot used to be a gas station. then 2 years ago Mamo bought it in order to set up his business hq. he owns all the shell stations on the district and some other gas/convenient store places.

    he wasnt able to get the permites to build something he thought was right for an hq, so he opted for residence / retail development. he needs a zoning variance to make it happen though.

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