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Worms like avocado. Found a mess of them under an avocado shell in the composter. I’ve got so many worms now I can open up a tiny little bait shop. They seem so happy in the new composter. I am very happy with the composter because it collects the “tea” the compost makes and I have been using it to fertilize the plants.
I’m getting cucumbers now. I have 2 plants in one pot and so far I’ve produced enough to give one away to my aunt, another to IT and eat two for myself in salad. I really didn’t do much except make sure they got enough water.
Things I didn’t make sure they got enough water were the tomatoes. Due to my bad watering habits, they are splitting. Tastes just as good, just not as pretty. I have several tomatoes that are turning red in the front and the back yards. I ate one last night, from one of the recycle bin plants. It was kind of small but it was quite good with a little bit of basil from the same pot, a little olive oil, basalmic vinegar, salt and pepper. Good stuff.
The squash plants seem to be taking a break from producing any great number of squash. And speaking of squash, I’ve got one growing in the ground that I don’t want. Anyone want a single squash plant? If so you’ll need to bring your own pot and dirt. I think after a certain size I may just rip it out, because cilantro would be a better bet for that space.
The blueberries are near to the end. Most of them have been picked and eaten. There are a few I’m waiting on to get the right color of blue. So far the birds have shown little interest in my blueberries, maybe because most of them are tart. It’s been a good crop, once I was able to collect a handful for my cereal.
It’s great to get so much out of such little space.

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  1. you’ve piqued my interest with the squash plant, Mari. I have yet to do much more than research for my own container garden, but I suppose I shouldn’t let that stop me when you’ve a plant in need of a home.

    what kind of squash is it? how big a pot would I need to bring?

  2. More than likely it is a patty pan or a zuchinni. The biggest problem are the leaves. I’m sure a 1 or 2 gallon pot for transport will do fine. As far as growing goes, 5 gallon pot maybe but they do real well in old recycle bins.
    email me at inshaw at for more.

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