Thai X-ing reviewed in the City Paper

It is on page 46 of this week’s City Paper is a review of our fav slow food restaurant, Thai X-ing. I had been turned off by the lack of speed but Todd Kliman’s review makes me want to go back and try the salmon in red curry for myself. There is no doubt the food there is good, but the wait is almost maddening. Good thing Vigsittaboot, the guy running the joint, has a collection of books in the waiting area. But a couple of times I bought my own reading. I gather the best method is to call ahead with your order.

2 thoughts on “Thai X-ing reviewed in the City Paper”

  1. absolutely…call ahead. He usually says 20-25 minutes. That’s how long you wait before leaving. then, when you get there, it is either ready or close to it. we’ve eaten there about 5 times…great stuff!

  2. They deliver for free, too, with a minimum order. It’s always at my door in half an hour. This is really some of the best take out in the city.

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