Flower Power Garden Club

Well I still believe that my block will win the Flower Power 2005 best block category because we rock.
Last year the Bates Area Civic Association had a Flower Power contest where neighbors nominated yards, and back yards and blocks for recognition of all the hard work people are putting in to make their yard and neighborhood beautiful with greenery. Well they are going have Flower Power again, but this time it will be a garden tour where people vote on their favorites.
So think of yards and gardens in the Bates Area section of Truxton (anything above Dunbar) and nominate them, or yourself. Last year nomination forms went to Mary Ann Wilmner and Jim Berry, I don’t know if she’s (Mary Ann) taking nominations right now. But when they do take them, I know of a dozen yards on my street and Richardson Pl. that I’ll nominate.
Also the garden club is looking for volunteers to be guides for the garden tour which may take place in late July. Guides would serve the purpose of:
A. Making sure people don’t get lost
B. Providing safety in numbers
C. Answering questions about the area
If you want to be a guide or volunteer for something else I guess you can contact Mary Ann or Scott or Matt via the TruxtonCircle.org discussion board or email them.

4 thoughts on “Flower Power Garden Club”

  1. I love flower power, I just planted 40 Salvias along Africare, I got tired of looking at dirt in the tree boxes.

  2. Good job! I might start looking at the 1 or two treeboxes on my block that are neglected and seeing what low maintenance plants can go in.

  3. Hey Marie — finally have some free time and internet access at the same time. am catching up on your blog — if you are still looking for low-maintenance plants for the tree boxes, I believe yarrow might work. It needs a very sunny location, but it can tolerate drought once established (read: next year) and has a long bloom time. I would be hesitant to plant it in a garden, because it can take over, but that might be an attribute in a tree box. I’m just not sure how it handles clay soil — I can investigate if you’re interested. Love your site.

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