One of those neat city moments

So I’m coming home after a meeting on the Green line, sitting on the train, just listening to my music. For most of the ride my eyes do not focus on anything, and then I notice a familiar face. It’s W., a friend and ex-boss of one of my former roommates, who lives on the other side of New Jersey in Shaw. I disconnect my earphones and she comes over to sit and chat. We exit out the same station and we just talk and catch up all the way to her door. After I wave goodbye to her I start to think, if I drove alone to and from work, instead of taking public transit, I would have missed such a wonderful opportunity to connect with one of my neighbors.

5 thoughts on “One of those neat city moments”

  1. Not owning a car is a great thing. Beside all of the savings and perks of chats with neighbors. You should try owning a dog, its a neighborhood chat session when dog owners get together.

  2. I’m glad i own a car. Becuz you never know. What would you do if you broke your leg or foot??? Knock on wood. How wood you get to the store. Walk??? Besides, i feel safer not having to deal with the growing Ipod theft ring in DC. I can play all i want without having to worry about someone taking a steak knife to my back.

  3. Mr/Ms Face,
    You and all your little iPod friends are Borg. White earphone wearing drones, so disconnected, so, so, sad. Give me a Dell Axiom that can play Ella Fitzgerald, grainy versions of Law & Order and tell me at 3pm it is time to get my hair done. All hail the PDA.
    Also I notice from your post that you may be accident prone and in constant need of a car because of constant leg breaking and injury. Rest assured that we city folk who walk, jog and bike are healthy and are Supermen and women. We do not live in fear of our own bodies and what they can do. Besides, I don’t have to pay $10 an hour to park myself.

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