Weekend wrap up

New restaurants on P St.
Well Merkado has opened up on the 1400 block of P this weekend. I probably won’t venture in until later this month. It is owned by the same folks who brought you Logan Tavern, which really isn’t a tavern and is just a few door down. If anyone has been to it I’d love to hear your reviews. Also, on the same 1400 block a new (French?) bistro was supposed to open up as well. I didn’t check back at it’s proposed opening time, and passing by on Sunday it didn’t look open. It does have a nice looking menu.

Shaw Eco-Village workshops
This weekend I attended in one of hopefully many Shaw Eco Village workshops. This one was a rain barrel workshop where for $5 and a talk by the kids on the evils of a combined sewer system, I got a 50 gallon rainbarrel that I dragged home. The goal is to get the run off from the roofs and other impervious surfaces from going into the sewer system. Sadly, one would need 12 such barrels to catch all the rain that comes off a typical DC roof in a 1 inch rainstorm.

You know screaming woman is yelling at her kids too loudly when…
So I’m talking to B. from one side of my fence and he’s on the other side, and we are about 3 feet from each other and then Mxn, screaming woman, starts yelling at her kids. Mxn is across the alley from us. In her house. Yelling at kids in the house. And I can barely hear B. over Mxn. That is too loud.

updated to have Merkado’s actual website with menu

5 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up”

  1. I am a big fan of Logan Tavern. Good burgers, good breakfast. I haven’t had much outside of that. 🙂 Their breakfast especially has a large vegetarian selection for my girlfriend. 🙂

  2. What do you do with the runoff once it’s in the barrel, MM?

    I row for a crew team that practices on the Anacostia river and see firsthand some of the effects of DC’s lovely Combined Sewage Overflow system.

  3. I water my plants with the water from the barrel. Going to the faucet requires a small balancing act. The faucet is located in an annoyingly inconvient area, so it is easier to just use the rain barrel. Oh, the one I dragged home is rain barrel #2. My #1, 30 some odd gallon one has been wonderful so far.

  4. Are they giving away rain barrels for $5? I was looking at one for my deck container garden and in the catalog they were $80+ which is a little more than I wanted to pay. Any suggestions?

  5. Well you had to show up to the workshop and pay the $5, but yeah, got it for $5. You may want to contact Shaw Eco Village about their rain barrels cause I don’t have any more info.

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