Alley party

Last night in the house of the screaming woman, they had a little party. Well, “cookout” as they like to call it. Their cookouts are upsetting to me because it always rolls out into the alley and so does their garbage. Oh then there is the noise, but for now that’s not my pet peeve, I can call the cops about the noise. No my problem is the trash that they produce. B. told me they threw part of a hot dog in his yard. I walked out and noticed a plastic juice drink bottle in mine. I have seen guests at other such cookouts they’ve held throw trash into neighboring yards. Almost makes me angry enough to want to use the N word to describe them and their behavior. It’s one thing to trash your own yard, it is another thing to trash someone else’s.

6 thoughts on “Alley party”

  1. We had a liquor store on the corner of one of our neighboring streets and I have been told that the people living on the street collected all of the cans and bottles (there were ALOT). Each week there was a person who took the trash and dumped it on their doorstep with a note saying that it was not acceptable to make the neighborhood their trash can…it worked they closed down soon after.

  2. And no need to ever drop a name like that…she is an a-hole and will continue to be even if you say something. Just smile, wave and sharpen the knife that will plunge into her back (aka dump the trash on her doorstep…just make sure it is done when she is not home you do not want a Hatfield v McCoy’s situation).

  3. Yeah, I may have to toss the trash in their yard too…unless you think they have a gun they might use!

  4. Why would you feel compelled to use the N word over some trash???????????? Most vile word on the planet and you wanna use it over trash?????

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