Sala Thai

Back when Sala Thai opened I asked them if they delivered to my house, thinking I was well in their 2 mile delivery zone. Well no. So I come home today and in the mail is a menu for Sala Thai. “Bastards,” I think to myself. They taunt me with their menu when I can’t order delivery from them. Phooey, I spit on them. So I call them up, to demand why they tease me with descriptions of cilantro and lemon grass. Well, apparently, now they deliver to this neck of the hood. Go figure. So I order and in 45 minutes I’m eating Panang Gai on the floor in front of my TV.
Now I gotta see if Pizza Hut has changed its delivery policy.

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  1. was it better than x-ing? i had eaten in the sala thai in cleveland park and thought it was the second worst thai place in the city ( thai town in woodley gets that) so i havent tried the one on u.
    whats the In Shaw rating?

  2. That’s good for them, because my girlfriend was considering suing Sala Thai for racial discrimination. I wonder if the threat of liability convinced them to change their policy. That’s what convinced Domino’s to start delivering east of Georgia Ave.

  3. We ordered from Thai X-ing last night. Being vegetarians, we got Panang Tofu & Pad Thai Pak, both no fish sauce. Both were excellent; the Tofu wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked, while the Pak was too spicy for Kelly, so we swapped. Spring rolls were a bit bland, but the entrees were great. Delivery took less than 30 minutes.

    As for Sala Thai, we’ve only eaten at the one in Arlington, & it sucked. Both entrees were swimming in oil. You’d have to see it…like a 1/4 to 1/2″ of oil in the plate! It was disgusting, so we’re hesitant to try them again.

  4. Sala Thai has always delivered to us on 5th Street except for the night they said they could only do a 5 block radius. City Lights on the other hand says we are out of the delivery area, which amazes me because they used to deliver to me when I lived in Van Ness!

  5. Rice is my Shaw neighborhood fav. Sala Thai has been good except for one dish. I think it was a run of the mill green curry and the 2nd time I ordered it, it was very disappointing (but spicy), compared to the 1st time.

  6. On another note, the crack inspired house at 5th and R, has been sold for 500k (both units). It will be interesting to see how he tries to de-crack the design.

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