Indoor Farm Report

Impatiens are a pain to grow from seed. They take too long. The Canendula (pot marigold)is much better, pops up after a few days. Tomatoes did well from seed. The key in many of the seedlings was to snip away the other seedlings growing near.
I haven’t been very good about waiting till the 15th of April to put plants out. The tomatoes have been stuck in the ground and in outdoor pots. I’ve put out the thyme seedlings, several marigolds, coriander and one impatiens. Of course, I do have plenty of back ups growing inside, just in case a cold snap comes.

3 thoughts on “Indoor Farm Report”

  1. I just got back from vacation myself and the first order of business was removing the Bonsai Trees from winter storage. Trees in pots are vulnerable to frost. I have been told by wiser people that April first is the earliest they would pull trees out of storage.

  2. Arrgh! I haven’t even cleared the dead vines out from last year!! Or even ordered from the Burpee catalog!!! Hey, if you see any castor bean seeds, grab ’em as I want to be a horticultural terrorist again (castor bean plantings are illegal in The District due to ricin production concerns). Whatever.

  3. Jimbo is that you?
    Yes! I have seen seeds for castor plants at Johnsons or is it Johnstons off Wisconsin Blvd, thought of you when I saw them. So go get some and plan your garden based terrorist activities.

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