In Shaw Brothers Grimm

Okay, I’m walking home with my neighbor B and there is this guy in a big black SUV honking in front of the house across the street from ours and he’s just honking. B remarks that this has been going on since Valentine’s Day with the guy and the on going honking.
Me (loudly): Little pig, little pig let me in
Honk, honk
Me: Little pig, little pig, let me in!
Honk, honk, honk
Me: Then I’ll blow
Me: And I’ll blow
B: I think I saw movement
Me: And I’ll blow my horn and your house down
guy drives off
Me: House of bricks, still standing

And the big bad SUV wolf sped away and the little piggies inside the 100 year old brick house lived happily ever after.

I really hate it when people use their car horns instead of walking up to the house and knocking. I can understand it for cabbies. Maybe I can forgive one honk, but honking over and over deserves an egging.

5 thoughts on “In Shaw Brothers Grimm”

  1. I used to joke to my friends that they would know I had gone around the bend when they heard a news report about a guy in Logan Circle sitting on his roof throwing rocks at cars. I lived on Q Street, which was everybody’s favorite cut through to avoid Logan Circle while heading east, and cars would always be sitting at the light on my block making my windows rattle with the super duper bass. We also had a guy who would pull up in this giant industrial truck, honk a few times, then run into one of the houses across the street for breakfast – with the giganto truck running, stinking up the street and making all kinds of noise.

    Somewhere in the last 20 years, the idea of being respectful of those around you went away. Which is why, as much of a city boy as I am, I predict I will be living somewhere where I cannot see or hear my neighbors sooner or later.

  2. M you better be careful, yer gonna get your ass shot some day!!!

    BTW: Can anyone hook me up with some Thin Mints in the LeDroit/Shaw area? How come I can’t find a frikkin’ Girl Scout around here? How come it is easier for me to find crack than it is for me to find a goddamn Thin Mint? THIN MINTS! – Jimbo

  3. Jimbo,
    You need to find parents. There is a woman with a girl scout somewhere in my 2nd floor office and everyso often a cookie sign up sheet appears. I’ll give you a heads up when it appears again. Also apparently somewhere in DC there are girl scouts selling cookies (see
    Also I thought I saw some chocolate mint cookies for sale at the Giant.

  4. Last few times I’ve been to Eastern Market girls scouts have set up a table selling their cookies.

    Wait, that sounded bad. Anyway, you know what I mean. There are thin mints for sale.


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