Because Robbie asked: Convention Center Area Strategic Development Plan

Robbie pointed out in the comments a post on the DCist site about the city’s redevelopment plan for Shaw. Well that’s Ward 2’s Shaw. Those of us over on the other side of New Jersey Ave are just screwed or not, depending on how you look at it. Also I feel a bit slighted because one could come away looking at this plan that Truxton Circle isn’t in Shaw.
I took a quick look and I’ll make a few quick comments, with the choice of coming back to this topic and posting at length when I’ve read the whole plan. First, I am very wary of an Eastern Shaw Historical District. I love history but it can be a burden. I’ll write later this week on this. Second, I see the recommendations for the area around the Convention Center are okay but I worry about the type of retail. Hair & nail salons are retail. Got them a plenty. There is a coffeeshop (Warehouse)but it needs something, what I don’t know. But anyway it is something beyond signage and facades that the 7th and 9th street areas around the Convention Center need.

3 thoughts on “Because Robbie asked: Convention Center Area Strategic Development Plan”

  1. Truxton is (to me) New Jersey on the West, New York to the South, Florida on the North and North Capitol on the East. The city says NJ on west, NY on south and FL on north, making it a triangle that includes parts of NE DC. I differ because I think of Truxton as part of Shaw (thus the website name ‘In Shaw’)

  2. i guess it would make sense for the Truxton Circle are to surround where the circle used to be.
    not just to one side.
    but thanks.
    great site by the way. i really appreciate your postings.

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