Thai Food

Well I guess it was good I missed the 90 bus, sort of. Because it gave me a chance to notice this sign on the sidewalk of Florida Avenue (400 or 500 block).
Ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd! THAI FOOD! Now they aren’t open. Well they didn’t seem open when I passed.
All I ask for are a few things:

1. Have one good dish, & let it be Pad Thai
2. Be fully running by Easter ’cause I kinda gave up carbs for Lent and it would be so great if I could have almost in Truxton Circle pad thai on Easter
3. Have a veggie version of pad thai and the Shrimp version
4. Post hours of operation and keep to them so I know when it is too late for pad thai

Larb gai would be nice too, but I’d settle for decent pad thai.

11 thoughts on “Thai Food”

  1. very cool!
    i live in bloomingdale, and i too envy capitol hill for their restaurants and bars and groceries and banks and….yeah.

    but a thai place nearby ??
    its a trip on the 90 bus for me too!

  2. I remember when I would’t walk past 14th street. Now I can’t afford to own on that block.

  3. but do you remember way back when 14th street was a really nice neighborhood?

    it’s back to where it should be.

  4. Please initial your comments because it looks like one Anonymous person having a conversation with him/herself.

    Your webmistress of darkness

  5. Let’s be honest…don’t you want to see if that place passed any sort of health code test before you went in? I like Thai food as much as the next guy, but it’s probably easier to head to Kanlaya on 6th and G.

  6. It isn’t open yet. I went by yesterday for a closer look and it looks cramped. We’ll see when it starts serving food. No an easier place for me is anything along U Street (Sala Thai or the Simple something or Rice on 14th).

  7. Cara I removed the double post. Bummer about your part of Capitol Hill. I know past a certain street, heading east the cool stuff (bakeries, cafes, coffee houses) are few and it just becomes residential.

  8. I live in Ledroit/Bloomingdale and am excited about this restaurant. But I must say, I don’t envy Capitol Hill relative to E. Shaw. I used to live on Capitol Hill and it’s worse than living in Virginia if you want to say, get to downtown, go out in U St., 14th St., Adams Morgan, or the like. There are no cabs anywhere, you have to drive or take the metro; eithr way, a pain in the *ss. Your trapped in a little remote enclave. Ledroit/Shaw is much better located in that regard: More cabs on Rhode Island, Florida, etc.–I’ve generally been able to cab it whenever I want to go out; if I don’t want to cab it, its a short bike ride, scooter ride to U St. or downtown. Its like a 12 min. walk from my house to the 9:30 club or DC9–shorter than it took me to walk from Mt. Pleasant to anywhere in Adams-Morgan. So I’d see re: location its way better than Capitol Hill. (Also much more convenient than much of Colubmia Heights, which is also plauged by the lack of cabs and the lack of easy proximity to major strips of commerce).

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