NYAFAGU (New York Ave) Station 4 bikes

Sometime this week I wandered by the New York Avenue Station and noticed something new for me, bike racks. And even better, bike lockers.

3 thoughts on “NYAFAGU (New York Ave) Station 4 bikes”

  1. Oh ye of no faith. The bike racks are those upside down U things. The worse thing to happen to them might be someone leaving a vandalized bike U-locked to it. They are thick and metal. The lockers are not far from the troll booth, so maybe they might be less likely to get hit. Who knows. But I think things won’t turn out that badly.

  2. there are bike racks
    there are bike lockers….

    the lockers are on a waitlist basis

    I have never used one
    but I have noticed that they are quite popular with commuters, couriers, and homeless types….


    if I lived in a small apartment near one…
    it would more than likely be some really cheap storage…

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