I made a huge error.

Nobody died.

Just apparently if you OD, are unresponsive, and lying on the sidewalk with blood coming out of your head and mouth the proper authorities will take their time getting you to the hospital.

I am sorry to all who I have upset. My source of information was faulty and upon confering with other people I have discovered my error and wish to correct myself.

So I repeat no one died.

What happened according to a neighbor who lives closer and who actually found the woman on the side walk, she was bleeding from her head and mouth and was unresponsive. The people in the house where the trail of blood began had locked her out and were inside when the police came and knocked on the door, but they did not answer. It is possible that she could have died from her injuries, but as far as we know, she’s still alive.

One thought on “HUGE CORRECTION”

  1. YIKES. You would think that if you have had a massive overdose that the paramedics would want to get you to the hospital as soon as possible. Weird.

    Glad to hear no one died though.

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