North Face Jackets aren’t print newsworthy

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I saw it on News 4, but can find nothing on their website and apparently it is still not worth mentioning in the Post. I’ll admit it may be old news as teenagers have been robbed of their North Face jackets in PG County and other spots, so there is nothing special about the robbery at the Shaw-Howard University station.

I did find the news report on Channel 4 entertaining. The reporter took up valuable space on the stationary escalator for the S Street exit side of the station as he narrated. How long has that escalator been down? It was down back when people were wearing shorts. There’s a story right there! Broken escalators! People forced to climb stairs or stand in a smelly elevator. Then he interviewed some adults, who, no, weren’t afraid to wear their jackets while riding the metro. Some scenes of teens from the shoulders down wearing North Face. Then a remark that Metro would not go on camera to address the jacket robberies at their stations because it was bad PR.

2 thoughts on “North Face Jackets aren’t print newsworthy”

  1. Back inna day, North Face was a company that made backpacks and tents. I guess they are diversifying their markets these days. Perhaps I should be cautious when I set up my ultralight backpackers’ tent in the front yard in Shaw. – Jimbo

  2. Recently, the North Face brand seems to have spread from the mountain to the high street. The gear is still top quality but it’s now been embraced by the masses…

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