PEPCO why do you taunt me O evil one?

PEPCO keeps threatening to turn off my electricity so they can upgrade. They threatened to do so about 2 weeks ago, but didn’t. They said they were going to have the lights off yesterday, but didn’t. Now I should be happy, but the whole threat just makes me uneasy.

The first problem is that they are doing this in Winter. It is fricken’ cold. Thinking I’m not going to have any power for the 10 hours they said it will be off, I cranked the heat up to the upper 70s (goal was the 80s but that wasn’t happening). I figured even when the heat is off the house only gets down to 62F during the coldest weather.

Second problem, for me at least is that my hot water is electric. It takes a while for the water to heat up and cold showers not my thing.

So PEPCO either decide to upgrade in Spring or stop threatening me.

One thought on “PEPCO why do you taunt me O evil one?”

  1. Great site for Shaw Peeps (Will technically, I live in Mt. Vernon Square, but its Shaw all the same). PEPCO keeps threatening to shut off service everywhere…don’t worry.

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