One of the good things about living in a 100+ year old house is the heating. I have radiator heat. I gather I was lucky in that when the house had it crappy renovation by crackheads in the 80s, they didn’t try their hand at central air. Most of the houses on our row that have central air don’t have radiators, as the system can also pump out heat as well.

I just adore my radiators, and can’t think of living life in the cold without them. I love being able to lightly sit on them and warm my tush. I love leaving my robe or coat or gloves on top of the radiator overnight and waking to putting them on in the morning. It is almost as good as clothes fresh from the dryer.

Yet as I think of the future renovations I’d like to make, I fear for my radiators. Problem is, for the sake of real estate values and my own convienance, I will probably have air conditioning put in the house. Logically, a central air system negates the reason for having an old fashioned fuddy duddy radiator system.

But radiated heat rocks! I have a heated floor in the kitchen, where it is too small to fit a radiator. Oh baby, when the floor is cranked up to 80something, and you’re in your socked feet, heaven. Just like walking on an electric blanket. The other best thing about radiated heat, no dust. I kick up enough dust walking around, I don’t need it blown in. Lastly, the other thing I adore about my cast iron radiators, when the power goes out, they are still radiating heat.


Awww. I am gettin’ that luving X-mas feeling from DPW cause they mailed me a 2005 calendar. Am I special ’cause I constantly bug them or did they mail this to everyone? With the calendar in hand I now know when the street cleaners stop cleaning and why. This might be DPW (Department of Public Works) neatest little PR product yet. Heck knows I hardly bother reading their other stuff. Chock full of everything from bulk trash to parking violations and snow removal. Yes, these are the things we all care about snow, trash and parking.