House of the Quarter: Buy this house

Normally I wouldn’t ask but pleeeeeese buy this 3 brdm 1 bath house @ 401 R Street. Why? ‘Cause if you live there then maybe the dumbasses will stop hanging out on that corner. Also it is going for $355K, a steal I tell you a steal!

I don’t know what the story is, and if someone does know the story then please tell me. All I know is people live/lived there and they would hang out on their 4th Street side porch with other odd folks of the neighborhood. The porch is really cool. A porch where you can hang out, drink and watch the world pass by is always cool.

If you buy the house could you install a sprinkler system so the knuckleheads will move on? People don’t like getting wet. I find a sprinkler system, or just a plain old sprinkler a wonderful thing ’round the 4th of July.

But if you can borrow $355K or more please buy this house, fix it up, live in it and install a sprinkler system. If you do I’ll buy you and your spouse/ partner/ other SO/dog/ cat dinner.

2 thoughts on “House of the Quarter: Buy this house”

  1. Wasn’t this one of the City Paper’s sarcasm-heavy “Real Estate Price Picks of the Week”? Maybe that scared away buyers…

    BTW, great blog! (from 6th/Q resident)


  2. Thanks.
    I don’t remember it being in the City Paper. It may have been, and I should have noticed it but didn’t. According to the database I saw it went on the market the first week of the month.
    I know the house between 5th and NJ Ave on R was blasted in the City Paper sometime ago.

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