Bates St Meeting (too bad you missed this one)

Ok 1st things first, before I forget, there may be a Christmas Tree lighting at the Florida and 1st Street park (where the local winos hang) at 3:30pm this Sunday. I left early so if any changes were made, I don’t know about them.

Well this Bates meeting was nice. It was less of a meeting and more of a party. There were grapes, and those Lindt chocolates. If it weren’t in the basement of a Baptist Church the Egg Nog might have had a bit more kick. It was good, it was laid back. Q Street, Bates Street and 1st Street were well represented. Jim talked about the history of the Bates Area Civic Association, Scott talked about the Truxton Circle site (note: need to mail restaurant review to Scott or Matt), and the rest of us talked about our houses. It was a positive discussion.

I got sleepy and had to call my mom so I left. As I was leaving I saw Councilmember Vincent Orange heading towards the Church with his assistant/body guard/ random guy, so I missed out on that. But I’m happy to see Mr. Orange in a post election period. I am happy that he has discovered the NW section of the Ward because I was getting the feeling last year that we were the redheaded stepchild of Ward 5.

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