The Bethesdites

Over dinner the Bethesdites, friends of mine, were wondering how on earth they were going to buy a home with the real estate prices going up. Then they turned to me to ask about Shaw. Now I know their temperment and there is a reason why they live in Bethesda. I really don’t think they would like Shaw. I like Shaw and I tolerate Shaw. The good stuff, like restaurants and such, is more than 4 blocks away west of 9th Street. The stuff closest to the house is okay. Then there is the witnessing two guys in a knife fight a block from the house, doesn’t make me think I need to move out of the hood. I’ve been informed that someone was shot a block from the house, I’m still unfazed. The Bethesdites, I’m afraid, would have seen that as a good reason to sell.

I’m going to have the Bethesdites over for dinner next week. As they have never set foot in Shaw, I figure this is a good opportunity to see Shaw in is glory and ugly. Well they won’t see too much of the hood as they are driving and will see as much as one can from 30-45 mph. Or from the parked car to the house, which depending if there are any church services when they come can be from 20 feet to 1 block.

Shaw is not Bethesda, and that’s okay. Of course, I really would like a Barnes and Noble.