Flower Power 2004

The Bates Civic Association had it’s Flower Power Awards ceremony last night at Ella’s Coffeehouse/Frame shop/ Art gallery on North Capitol. It was the first time I had been in Ella’s. It is many small cozy rooms with comfy (2nd floor) chairs. There was a small crowd there about 20 or more people, with Jim Berry ANC for 5C0?, and a rep from Councilman Orange’s office.
Unlike the usual Bates CA meeting, it was a pleasant affair where everyone was generally pleasant. There was no peanut gallery making snide comments. No direct mention of drug dealers or unsavory kids hanging out on the corner. The unpleasantness was spoken of indirectly, using that code talk that we use, talking about “change”. It was an environment of supportiveness. Yes, very unlike the Bates meetings, which the next one is Sept 6th @ Mt. Sinai.
My neighbor wanted to talk about the demographics of crowd, while we were there. Good lord man, can’t take you anywhere. I shusshed him. We talked this morning and he observed that the crowd was basically gay men and older single black women. There were a few black men 4. One white married couple and one lesbian couple.
My block won a block award for our beautification efforts. I don’t remember if it was for first or 2nd place. Like the Special Olympics, everyone there was a winner. I did not win any individual prize for my yard, which currently looks bad. I did win a door prize of a plant. A plant I gave to a neighbor I spotted while heading home, ’cause I don’t grow indoor plants, and I don’t care for plants I can’t eat.

2 thoughts on “Flower Power 2004”

  1. I enjoyed meeting you at the flower power olympics. I’ve been reading your blog for months and love having a face to go the rants. They rock.

    One of the gays.

  2. Thanks. The Flower Power thing is great. I gave one of the lovely paper certificates I’m supposed to give out to nominees, to a neighbor I hardly see for his efforts in his yard. He was happy to get a little bit of recognition. A little bit, bit by bit, block by block.

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