Salt people, salt

Okay neighbors, I know some of you tried but gave up. Of course, some of you didn’t even bother, and for that I curse you.

On the opposite side of the street the old men got together and shoveled an salted. Then they pressed the kids and grandkids into service, shoveling somewhat. So the other side of the street is a sidewalk wonderland. On our side, we suck. M has her sidewalk salted and shoveled, as do I and another. Some of y’all shovelled away the first blast of snow and didn’t address the second wave of icy rain and snow. Your sidewalks are slightly slippery.

Then there are those who, did not bother. Maybe you don’t have shovels, or road salt. People, regular salt can be used. I shoveled a narrow path linking the shoveled sidewalks together, and on the next day sprinkled 1/2 a container of Giant table salt, at $.50 a container that’s a mere quarter, on the path. The path is now slushy.

Please do something about your sidewalks, not for me but for the mailman (actually woman and a nice enough gal). She has to climb your sorry a$$ steps and walk your slippery walkways.

Salt people, salt.