kitchen and house

Kitchen & house

Been doing the kitchen. Well the contractor has been doing the kitchen. The only thing that needs to be done is the countertop, the sink instillation and the DW hookup. Right now I’m discovering the joys of microwave cooking (4 years without a microwave can you believe it?), the heated floor and a room that looks like it wasn’t designed by crack heads.

Which brings me to the house. I’m in the kitchen, enjoying what costs me a butt load of money. It’s modern, it’s sleek, it makes the most of the little space that it is and it has few if any ugly to it. Gone is the boxed in pipe and the non-cabinet. Gone, the odd space between the cabinet and the wall. Gone are the visable pipes. Pure crack head design, ugly and makes no sense. So when I leave my lovely kitchen I move the rest of the house and mutter, “crack heads.”

The dining room has this fake wall that is hiding pipes, but juts out from the wall it is on, looking like it is hiding something…. but you don’t know what. 1/2 bath juts out wierd too. Floor is very uneven, Wall between living room and dining room runs very close to stairs making it difficult to move large things in and out. Top it off with a lot of ugly…. Some is age. But the modern design stuff, makes no sense. It looks as if they really didn’t want it to look nice.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to redo the house. 1st and 2nd levels. As soon as I stop hemmoraging money.

Have a safe holiday

Have a safe holiday

For the 3 people who actually read this blog, happy holidays.

Everyone else…

Be safe. When taking off stop your mail and your newspaper. Stop mail by visiting the US Postal Office’s web site to hold your mail. If you are a subscriber to the Washington Post, go to their subscriber webpage (you may need to register) and get them to stop delivery. The last thing you need to do is alert criminals to the fact that you’re gone with a stack of newspapers and mail.


Shaw_EcoVillage’s_Chain_Reaction_Adult_Bike_Class/Other_In fo







This Basic Bike Repair course follows the Park Tool-School curriculum, with



Jan 6: Tubes and Tires: learn the pro’s tricks for fixing flats.

Jan 13: Drive-train Removal, Cleaning, and Installation.

Jan 20: All About Brakes.

Jan 27: Adjusting Shifters, Derailleurs, and Gears.

Feb 3: Adjusting and Overhauling Ball Bearing Systems.

Feb 10: The Science and Art of Wheel Truing.

Classes run from 7pm to 9pm. The class size is small so students get lots

of individual attention.

The full six week course costs $90 and includes a folding allen tool, patch

kit and tire levers — or you can take just one class for $20.

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED, so sign up now. Email:

Phone: (202) 265-2019.


The shop will be closed from Dec. 21 through Jan. 5, when we will resume our

regular winter hours: W/Th/F 1pm – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm.


Now we have bicycles available for sale every day! Come check out the

selection. Call David at 202.265.0179 for details.


Wednesday nights, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, you can find dedicated Chain

Reactions volunteers organizing the shop and refurbishing bikes. Sounds

like fun, right? If it’s your first time, join us at 6:30 for volunteer

orientation. As a bonus, volunteers earn time to work on their own bikes in

our repair stands or take repair classes for free. Call David for more

information 202.265.0179.


Chain Reaction needs a Spanish-speaking person to assist with our

Earn-A-Bike (EAB) program starting Monday, January 26 and ending Monday,

March 1. This person would assist 2 teenage ESL students through Chain

Reaction’s EAB Lessons. No bike skills needed.

The Shaw EcoVillage Project, a community based 501(c)(3), engages young

people in making their neighborhoods cleaner, greener and more livable.

Shaw EcoVillage has two main goals, to develop leadership skills and job

readiness in young people, and foster the growth of expertise in

environmental stewardship, smart growth and equitable development on the

local level. We accomplish this through two programs, the EcoDesign Corps

and Chain Reaction.

In EcoDesign Corps, high-school students, ages 14 – 19, design and implement

projects that make the Shaw and nearby neighborhoods of Washington, DC

cleaner, greener and more livable for all residents. Students participate

in internships and fellowships where they apply their critical thinking

skills to solve real-life community issues. Participants focus on issues of

: Clean Water, Air and Land · Community Pride and Identity · Health and

Wellness · Equitable Development · Public Space · Transportation

Chain Reaction educates young people about the role of the bicycle in

sustainable communities and provides the residents of Shaw with safe,

affordable, and pollution-free transportation. Chain Reaction trains youth,

ages 9-19, in bicycle mechanics and safe riding skills through educational

programs; and provides job training and promotes bikes as affordable,

healthy transportation in its community bike shop. Our programs provide

young people with invaluable professional skills including project research,

problem solving, consensus building, action planning, implementation,

evaluation and presentation.

For more information please contact us at: Shaw EcoVillage, 1701 6th St.,

NW, Washington, DC 20001, phone: 202.265.2019 or 202.265.8899, fax: 202.

265.2842, email:

<> , web:



1701 6th Street, NW * Washington, DC 20001 * 202.265.8899 *

Contributions are accepted and are tax-deductible.

Contribute through the Combined Federal Campaign, Designate #7606


Lucky Kitty

Lucky Kitty

My contractor has run off with the neighbor’s cat. She’s doing much better now he says. I kind of miss her. Lucky is an extremely affectionate cat. Of course she mainly wanted food and tried breaking into my house often. But now she’s in a warm house, the neighbors kept her outside, eating regularly, I used to feed her a little & thought her owners were too, and she doesn’t slobber anymore.

Please join Bloomingdale Civic Association, Inc. for its annual holiday meet and greet.

Bloomingdale Civic Association , Inc.

Holiday Meet and Greet

Monday December 15, 2003

7:00 pm

St. George’s Epeiscopal Church

160 U Street, NW

Come meet new neighbors and old friends. The Bloomingdale Civic Association is asking each guest to bring a wrapped shoebox that includes toilet articles, socks, scarf/hat/ gloves, cologne, comb/brush, underclothes, soap, deodorant, tooth/paste/toothbrush. Mark shoebox male/female.


A unwrapped toy for infant/youth no violent toys or toys with small object that can be easily swallowed, stuff or furry toys.

A Holiday Meet and Greet to remember shoebox gifts will be donated to SOME and toys to Childrens Hospital.

Happy Holidays

Cleopatra Jones,

President, Bloomingdale Civic Association, Inc.

Regrets only (202) 234-5399 (202) 387-2497

4 Blocks

4 Blocks

Just to note, my little world is a 4 block radius. That’s as far as I’m willing to walk. Yes, horribly lazy. So any new restaurant or new business venture, has to be 4 blocks away. That and west of me. I’ll go north, south and west. Mainly because there are things if interest past the 4 block zone that interest me. North of me, Howard and U Street and Le Droit. South of me, Chinatown, Union Station, Downtown, the Mall. West of me, Logan, Dupont. East, well I’m travelling by car and rushing to Home Depot, so no, not walking. Maybe if a Tarjay (Target) magically popped up somewhere on North Cap, maybe.

It’s cold, 4 blocks is the point things begin to freeze.

Gentrification ans Me- Issue 5

Gentrification & Me, issue 5

“Unfortunately, many poorer city residents still don’t see the advantages of buying. As the interviews from the Shoreview case show, many residents still mistakenly believe living 20 years in a rented apartment bestows some property right equal or greater than that held by the actual owner. They do not realize the tax advantages of homeownership (through mortgage interest deductions) or the fact that owners realize the benefits of appreciated property while renters do not.” From Gentrification’s flip side — good for rich, bad for poor by Dwayne M. Green.

Homeownership. It is a good thing. It is also a pain in the rear.

But if you can stay ahead of the tax payments it can save a body from being outsted via gentrification.