Crime in the City

It’s a big city, guess what there is crime.

I don’t know maybe I have a high tolerance for crime, but I live in the city and I am not afraid of my neighborhood, despite the fact that in the 3 years I have lived here, people have been shot at least 1 block or 2 from my house. I’m even getting comfy with the evil block up, of course the chilling cold weather might have something to do with it as 14F makes it uncomfy to just hang out and kick back a coupla 40s.

When the spirit takes me I post the crime in the area. Please note I am very lazy, full of great ideas, but lazy. What this does for me is comforting, probably giving me false comfort, but comforting none the less. What I see in the stats are a lot of car break ins, which makes me happy I don’t have a car and makes me not want a car. Verbal altercations that end in somebody getting stabbed or shot. I’m not one to get into verbal altercations, not even with Drama Mamma. I say my peace and move on, raised voices not on the menu, sneaky underhanded tricks and anonymous calls to the police, yes, that’s on the menu.

It’s the people getting mugged thing that worries me. I do walk home, late at night from the metro. The 4 block path I know very well, every brick and crack. There are no hiding places and the street is one way and well lit. I know at least one person on the way there well enough to try to seek refuge at her door (this is why getting to know your neighbors is a GOOD thing). Still, some fool could jump out of a car and try something.

But when I seem to talk to others in “safer” “nice” communities they seem to point out the least scary things, to me, as things that make my neighborhood bad. The security gate is a good thing, so are the bars on the windows. The guys hanging out, annoying mostly, which is why I avoid them. I don’t see them as horribly menacing, just very damned annoying, cursing, being gross and loud and drunk. Of course there are crackheads and dealers among the bunch, I would just fear getting in the middle of a business dispute. Graffiti, yup, problem, mainly of homeowner maintenance. Bored kids, most likely. Crack ho’s, a litter/quality of life/just plain ugly problem. Don’t see them often, thank goodness.

I like my block and my neighborhood. Yes, there is a very bad history with crime, people getting shot. Yet, most of the time that scary crime is done by people who know each other…. pick your friends wisely.