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The post below was for February 5, 2009. I’m going through my unpublished drafts and deleting several and publishing others. I’m only publishing this because I have fond memories of my small garden as I now deal with the challenges of a suburban garden.

Arugula in Front Yard Garden. 2009

It’s been horribly cold so the only thing I’ve been doing with my yard is look at it. I may occasionally pick up the trash that blows in.

I’m not as excited as I was last year about the yard. I am planning to do something new. The current yard is suffering from too much traffic, too little space. I park the bike on one end of the yard, causing me to trample on some things that don’t like being trampled on, arugula. So amazingly the most of the arugula that has managed to survive winter is the stuff in my way, so it is looking ratty and unappetizing. Late in the season I planted some plants that I should probably move. They too are in the way of things I need to get to. So the trick will be trying to get the front yard and the bike to live in harmony, without anything I may want to eat underfoot. Or undertire.

The untrampled arugula is small and for a while was getting eaten by some odd beetle looking bug. So its leaves are a bit ugly too.

I’m going to have to use more pots for the front yard. Why? Cats. The furry little bastards have been occasionally using the yard as a toilet. Also the company I use to control rodents have thrown in the added service of spraying. I was told the spray is for the house surface (stairs and doorways) and the ground next to the house. I could cancel the service and risk a return of mice or put my garden high above the spray and in pots.

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