WSIC-Square 552- Odd side of 3rd St NW- A Visual pt 1

In the month of April we’re looking at the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company (WSIC) ownership of lots on Square 552, which is bounded by 1st, P, 3rd and Q Streets NW in Washington, DC. WSIC owned lots 49-60 (1529-1551 3rd St NW) and lots 120-131 (1501-1523 3rd St NW).

photo of property
1501 3rd St NW

1501 and 1551 3rd St NW are similar to 200 and 230 Q St NW, having a 1st and 2nd floor bay. This differs from the properties with bays between  1501 and 1551, which if there are bays, those bays are just 2nd floor bays. After 1501 3rd St NW going north, there is a short, no bay, bay, no bay pattern until 1511 3rd St NW. And then there is 1513 3rd St NW (lot 126) where there is a bay, after a bay, and a shared porch.

photo of property
1513 3rd St NW

So the adjoining property (1515 3rd St NW) with the porch is without a 2nd floor bay. 1515 3rd St NW has two entrances, for two separate units. One still had a covered entry, which I’m calling a porch. It appears that it may have had two shared porches. However, the porch pattern seems to hint that this is the start of a new pattern.

photo of property

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