1969 Proposal to make the Co-op, FL Ave Park- Square 551 as we know it

From the history pile. I don’t know if I had posted this particular document, but I think I posted something about the change that happened with Sq. 551, but Can’t find it.

For those of you who don’t know, Sq. 551 is the large block bounded by 3rd St, R St, Florida Ave, 1st St, and Q St NW. Prior to urban renewal and the change it was a collection of alley dwellings, townhomes, commercial buildings and warehouses. Now it is the Northwest Co-operative, the Florida Avenue Park and the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church property. There are no private homes on that block.

The document below, dated October 27, 1969 proposes getting rid of everything short of Mt. Sinai, and building what is there now.

DC History-Sq551-A Proposal… by Mm Inshaw