Low flying helicopters

Okay, maybe they are actually looking for or at something when they are hovering over my area at a low altitude. But dang it they are loud, and sometimes at different hours annoying.
The day after one of them whirlybirds has been flying overhead I check Airscene.com, hit ‘flight tracking’ then flights to try to find the annoying thing and see how low it was flying. Typically the police copters are UNK, but I know what they are and when they where here, I just can’t gauge how low they were flying. Wednesday, around 4pm, the skies were busy and UNKs flying below 1000 feet.

One thought on “Low flying helicopters”

  1. Well I remember my cousin's working place when I read your article. He work in the Air-force and he contact someone with his radio about how much altitude they were in or so on… I don''t know much what they're talking about but still appreciate the scene. 😀

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