A little advice to keep your iPhone from getting stolen

People, if you own an iPhone, you have a portable little device that sells for about $200 on EBay broken. Not jailbroken. Cracked screen broken. So imagine if a thief manages to grab it from you fully functional.
On the green line one afternoon, after work I noticed a young woman standing near the door, one hand on the handle of a suitcase burdened down with other bags and one hand, outstretched playing with her iPhone. Her body language just screamed, “Hey steal my iPhone!” She was conveniently near the door, for a quick getaway. The number of bags she had, made it unlikely that she’d go running after my imagined thief. And since everyone else on the train was in their own little worlds, the likelihood that someone would chase after this imagined thief, small. The distance she held it out from her body made it easy to knock it out from her hands.
She wasn’t the only young woman holding her precious iPhone a foot from her body, making it easy to grab. I saw another walking down 7th Street in Penn Quarter. She might as well have been holding it out another 6 inches further saying, “Here, here, take my phone.”
So my advice is when you’re out in public. Public being outside of your office, your dorm, house, your own private vehicle, hold your iPhone out no more than 6 inches from your body. Also it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in because even Georgetown is experiencing iPhone theft.

3 thoughts on “A little advice to keep your iPhone from getting stolen”

  1. I see the same thing. Even worst is watching people walk through the neighborhood with their earplugs listening to whatever. Perfect setup for the criminal mind. We can warn citizens until we are blue in the face, but until some of them get hit up side the head and their property taken will wake them up.


  2. I'm always careful to avoid any display of electronics, North Face jackets, etc. At the same time, Vito, we don't want to blame the victim. Stealing an ipod, iphone, or jacket is inexcusable. No, this is not a perfect world, but naive people aren't the problem – criminals are the problem.

  3. Put a passcode on it. this boy got mugged in front of my office and they stole his phone, he had just programmed a passcode on it the day before. I immediately put on on my phone. there have been quite a few robberies, some armed, around the CV Safeway…especially 400 block of K and the 1100 block of 5th. Be aware and be safe.

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