ex-Shiloh Property under some renovation

PoP reports here, with a hopeful picture that work is being done on this former Shiloh Baptist property. If I have the address right (1600 8th St NW?) the property was sold 12/30/2009, so if the new owner is starting now, three months later, the future is lookin’ good.

4 thoughts on “ex-Shiloh Property under some renovation”

  1. Yep, 1600 8th is under new ownership with grand plans for redevelopment. The new owner is the developer who did the condos at 10th and Rhode Island (a project which won an award from the Mayor's office for new construction in a historic district).

    Last I heard, the work underway currently is to shore up the house while the major overhaul plans are finalized/approved.


    Apparently the other Shiloh property at the intersection — 1543 8th Street — also sold. Its sale has not appeared in the tax database yet. I hear it's going to be rehabbed into a single family home.

  2. The owner of 1600 8th told me he's turning it into a duplex. Right now they are digging down in the basement to make the ceiling higher.

    Weird about the other property. My neighbor told me the same thing – it was sold and going to be a single family home – but still no record of sale.

  3. Hi everyone – my fiance and I are the new owners of 1543 8th St. You probably have already seen that some work has begun. And yes, it will be a single family home – we plan on living there for quite some time! We're looking forward to being a part of the neighborhood.

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