Parking Gets Ugly

Well I just called 911 to tell them not to bother as the fight broke up.
I was just about to shut down for the night when I heard yelling. Yelling beyond the usual drunken guy walking down the street or crazed teen yelling. Looked out the window and saw loudmouth buppie lawyer in his usual loudmouth form yelling at someone. It took me a while to figure out what the heck he was screaming about. A parking space. Another neighbor, let’s call her ‘skinny Jewish gal’ or “SJG’ (she has a name but so does Loudmouth Buppie Lawyer) in the car behind his SUV, being yelled at. This goes on a bit too long when another neighbor comes out and tells him to cool it. Then Loudmouth Buppie Lawyer dude turned his verbal abuse to the neighbor dude who I can’t think of a good name for, and then they are in the middle of the street yelling at each other. Sometime in this I call the cops. Neighbor dude’s wife come out and says something, then more neighbors appear in their doorways. Next thing I see neighbor dude and loudmouth buppie lawyer are yelling and are chest to chest.
All over a friggin parking space.

4 thoughts on “Parking Gets Ugly”

  1. I'm surprised that this happened more often. In my neighborhood (Columbia Heights) I've seen LOTS of people try to "save" spots they dug out with chairs, rope and other items.

    YOU CAN'T RESERVE PARKING SPOTS!!! I'm leaving my car where it is until the snow melts, but if someone tried to tell me I couldn't park in "their" spot because of their stupid plastic lawn chairs, they would have a very bad day.

  2. Not tolerating Anon comments today.
    To be fair to screaming Loudmouth Buppie Lawyer (yes, he has a name but I've been calling him that for a while now, why change?) he was livid about someone reserving a space and did spout something about "you don't own" the parking spot. In that he was correct.
    However, his body language and voice were very threatening. Very.
    Even after this I noticed some spots with space saving debris in them.
    I've discouraged my bf from coming down and parking. Mainly because I see too many possible scenarios that end badly.

  3. In principle, I think it's reasonable that if you spend a lot of time digging out a parking space, then you should be able to have a parking space – either the same one you dug out, or one reasonably close by.

    I work during the day and I have to use my car to get there. I spent a lot of time digging out my car and parking spot last week, but, if I'm not there, I don't really see that I have a right to reserve it. I came home this evening and "my" space was taken, by a neighbor who also had to dig out their car, but there was another one free so I took that one. I think that's fine. It's fair.

    It would not be fair for me to discourage people from parking in "my" space during the day, when I'm not using it.

    I would probably be less understanding if people who weren't living here were clogging up our block's parking places when we need them. That wouldn't be fair to us. I guess what I'm saying is that we should all just be considerate of others.

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