1236 New Jersey Ave NW, late 19th century

I found something today and I’m all excited. There was a Navy file where the applicant threw in his home address, though it wasn’t required….
Albert W. Evans lived at 1236 New Jersey Avenue in 1898 with his wife and child, applied to become a Hospital Apprentice First Class in late 1898 at the age of 26. He was born in Alexandria, VA. Wore glasses (according to other paperwork in his file) and had not so great vision even with them. Of his education he wrote that he went to, “the public High School, and was graduated in Medicine in 1894, from the National Medical College [in] this city.”
He was applying to the position because he wrote that the money he was getting in his then current wasn’t enough to support a family.


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  1. 1236 NJ is a modest 2 story row with minimal embellishment. It, along with 1232 & 1234, is owned by the 3rd Street church of god. All 3 houses are vacant, deteriorating & infested with cats. The church has made great strides in addressing their vacant property problem, like selling most of it but they haven't dealt with these 3 yet. they recently applied for an addition to 1208 3rd st NW and HPRB took them to task for the state of 1232-1236 NJ.

    interesting info regarding the former occupants!

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