Bundy stuff

First the bad from Mr. Moulton:

Dear Ms Choke,

With a shooting in broad daylight yesterday afternoon, in DPR’s park within yards of the Bundy School (future home of Safe Shores) on O Street NW, hundreds of local residents hope your office will consider public safety when making a final determination of parking options for Bundy School tenants in the next few days. A police report from the Third District MPD is copied below.

As you know, many residents in our community are happy to share the responsibility for working collaboratively with our local MPD officials to make our community as safe as possible and enliven dead zones around our homes for the sake of our families and children as well as those who will receive necessary services at Safe Shores.

Will OPM be sound proofing the windows at Bundy School?

Daily Crime Report – 3D
Thu Aug 6, 2009 10:00 am

PSA: 308
CCN: 09110947
RPT DATE: Aug 05, 2009
OFFENSE: ADW – Assault With A Deadly Weapon
START DT: 08/05/2009
START TM: 14:42:00

Hopefully there will be the staffing necessary around after this fiscal year is over to address this. At the BACA meeting the OPM rep tried to make the audience understand that the office is cutting about 9 (if I remember right) positions and that has consequences.

Good news also from Mr. Moulton of CCCA or an event announcement that there will be a Jazz on the Green event at Bundy Park August 21st at 6:30 with a Brazilian jazz ensemble. See more here (PDF). It is great that groups and individuals are putting on outdoor arts events around the neighborhood. The First on First, over in Bloomingdale was a blast. Hopefully this will be a fun little event.